A Damane's Steps pt1

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A Damane's Steps pt1

Postby Terri » Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:57 am

The midnight blue ocean seemed to stretch forever. The wind off the water was warm, but tasted bitter as it splashed across 'Terri's' face. She kept her head down, and her hands at her sides trying not to move a muscle. She was formerly an Accepted of the White Tower, and now chained by an a'dam on a boat set sail for Seandar.

The last few weeks have been one nightmare after the other.

She had been out visiting Caemlyn for an errand sent by a Sedai. She had learned much and gained the trust in some Sedai circles to be sent alone. However, the joy of being on an adventure alone was soon smashed when she arrived at the Caemlyn gates to find a group of Children of the Light had setup camp just north of the city. She pondered what to do next. To sneak around, or head back to Tar Valon? It had been a long month travelling. Decideing on a detour she headed east through the Braem Woods. She carried no lantern, and walked her horse in an attempt to remain unnoticed. Soon enough, the light of the Eastern Gate could be seen in the distance. She hurried her pace, feeling if she made the gate she could find shelter inside.

Thats when everything went black for the first time.

She woke up strapped in a wagon, blind folded and gagged. Her hands and feet tied down. Outside she could hear men talking. They were joyous and excited to be returning to AMADOR with a captured witch. They would receive praise, but even they were hesitatant to speak of what would happen to her. The Hand of Light were said to do things most men woudln't. She had seen what most men would do, and thinking of what they wouldn't was terrifiying. As much as she struggled against her binds they didn't give an inch. And a man sitting in the corner of the wagon laughed and kicked her in the stomach. 'Don't even try it, Witch' he spat, a golden sunburst adorned his neckline. She hadn't even heard him breathing. She closed her eyes and tried not to think.

A loud *bang*. Men shouting. Metal clanging together. Screams. She awoke in a panic. A flutter of hope sprang up inside her thinking it could be a White Tower party to rescue her. She tried to yell through the gag and wiggled her way out of the wagon, landing with a thud in the dirt. Bodies dropped around her and the smell of fire filled her nostrils. She clung to hope that she would be freed.

Strong arms lifted her to her feet and lowered her blind. A massive man with dark green and red armor stood before her. And before she could utter a word she felt it click around her neck. A women with dark hair swept around her, clothed in a gown of red and blue, with lightning bolts streaking the sides. Pain shot through her entire body as she dropped to her knees.

'I am Lissandra Ko'vin,' The dark haired lady drawled, 'And you are Terri, my little pet.'

More pain, and darkness.
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Re: A Damane's Steps pt1

Postby Ashlee » Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:29 pm

Excellent read! Looking forward to more!

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Re: A Damane's Steps pt1

Postby Amria » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:09 pm

Very good.

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