A talk with the Amyrlin

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A talk with the Amyrlin

Postby Nevirha » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:23 am

Nevirha kneeled before the Amyrlin, head bowed in respect. This was not a conversation she relished having. Negotiations with Tear had broken down, ending with Nevirha’s own life being taken from her by one of the Defenders. Nevirha suspected the woman might be a darkfriend. Who else but a darkfriend would attack an Aes Sedai behind a locked door under pretense of negotiation? Still, it remained that she had been rewoven. The Creator still had work for her to do.

Cadsuane nodded at Nevirha, and the Aes Sedai rose. “Mother, negotiations with Tear…” She trailed off at a knock at the door. Cadsuane made an irritated noise but opened the door. The Keeper stood on the other side, arms struggling around a heavy silver box. “Mother, this came from Tear,” Lelaine stated, handing over the box. Nevirha looked at it curiously. Surely the Tairen were not sending a gift after the way things had ended…

The Amyrlin walked to her desk and set the box down upon it then threw the lid open. The room filled with the scent of decay and embalming fluid. “I see negotiations with Tear did not go as planned,” the woman stated, pulling Nevirha’s head from the ornate box. Nevirha met the lifeless gaze, straight-backed and unflinching. “It is what I came here to speak to you about, Mother.” Cadsuane returned the head to its container, closing the lid. It did little to improve the smell in the room.

“The Creator has found fit to weave me back into the Pattern, Mother, and I see there is still work to be done. The world has grown hostile towards the Tower, likely the work of Darkfriends and the Children alike. The Hall has laid out a plan for dealings with Tear…” Nevirha’s voice dropped to a whisper as she continued to outline the details to the Amyrlin. Even as she spoke, her mind drifted, imagining Defender Yasmin’s self-satisfied smile. The girl was probably making up all manner of stories about how she had defeated the Aes Sedai. No doubt, she pictured the Amyrlin weeping and rending her garments at this loss. If her game was war, she had much to learn about the Aes Sedai.

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Re: A talk with the Amyrlin

Postby Alaina » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:11 am

The cramped tent offered little space, but would have to be as fine enough of a place to take her reports as any.

“Aes Sedai, is there anything else I may assist you with?” The woman in white livery rose from her curtsey.

“No Moretta, that will be all.” Dark green silks fluttered in a whoosh as Alaina took a seat before the disheveled desk. Things with Tear continued to grow worse by the day. In fact Alaina could not stop feeling the itch between her shoulders. An entire day had lapsed since she bade Nevirha and her retinue farewell as they departed for the border of Tear. An entire day of remaining vigilant out here on the Plains of Maredo, and her thoughts began to turn to questions, was it wise to stay out here and oversee the remaining force? She should have insisted on going with the Gray.

Alaina retrieved a quill from the desk and began to scribble out her detailed letter to the Amyrlin, an account of their entire expedition from Tar Valon to the Tairen border. The wind stirred and tumbled the papers across the desk, tall blades of grass bending and reaching through the opening of the tent flap.

Commotion began stirring from outside. It started as hushed whispers, turning into a crescendo of angry, questioning voices. Alaina steadied herself with a deep, calming breath and rose.

“What is the meaning of…” The Green Sitter’s voice cut off as she made eye contact with the bloodied man before her. Standing in the tent entrance, Alaina moved quickly, grabbing the man’s head in her hands as she embraced the Source and began Delving with flows of Saidar. “What happened, where is Sister Nevirha?” The man gasped loudly as healing took effect.

“Speak man.” Alaina released her hold on the man, walking him further into the tent to have a seat.

“We…it—she’s..we need to leave, Aes Sedai.” The effects of his injuries combined with the effects of being healed meant Alaina only had minutes before he went unconscious.

“Slow, easy. I need you to explain what is going on, soldier.” The Tar Valon guard’s body was wracked by a weak cough and his eyes fluttered. “Then you may rest.” The Aes Sedai put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Nevirha Sedai was last seen leaving with a group of Defenders of the Stone, lead by the woman Yasmin. Half of the party went with the Aes Sedai and the other half was asked to remain behind. The Aes Sedai…they never returned. There were screams and commotions heard, but we cannot put names to the voices. We searched, but the Defenders became hostile and we had no choice but to flee the city. We were split up on the return here, and I think I may be the only one to have survived. We must leave this place, Aes Sedai.” The man’s eyes fluttered one final time and he dropped off into sleep.

“Blood and ashes!” The Green swiftly got to her feet and swept from the tent, green-fringed shawl billowing out dramatically behind her. The wind on the Plains had the scent of death, and her hackles rose.

Quickly she reached for the Source and wove deftly, amplifying her voice on flows of Air. “There has likely been an attack on our party sent to Tear. At this time I would ask that we make all haste in packing our belongings—we must bring this news to Tar Valon, and being out on these plains is no longer safe for us. We break camp in one hour.”

She released the Source and got right to packing. Her mind raced, what was she going to tell the Amyrlin Seat...the Hall! This had turned into one hell of a Light-forsaken mess. She put a hand to her stomach as a wave of nausea took hold.

Reaching into her pouch she produced a sculpted statuette and gripped it firmly. In one hour’s time she will open a Gateway large enough to get her people back home.

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