A Hunt

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A Hunt

Postby Geralt » Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:04 pm

Leaves crunched ever so slightly beneath his feet. He carefully placed each foot methodically, trying not to create sound to scare off any prey. Choosing to walk into the wind to ensure his scent was hidden, he continued eastward slowly. The sun had reached the treetops, begining to cast a glow through the dense forest illuminating the ground with a beautiful golden glow.

Suddenly he stopped and his eyes scanned the forest, looking for any sign of movement. Oddly, a smell he had never noticed before filled his nostrils. His nose crinkled up slightly and his face become a pale shade. His stomach seemed to be flipping like a gleeman performing acrobatics in his stomach. He fell to one knee, nasuated and confused.

He fought to his feet still wondering what was that wretched smell. He placed the end of his bow into the ground and gripped it with both hands as a walking stick. "How and what could cause this to happen?" he asked himself. He shook his head as to motivate himself and grudgingly move forward. After taking one step he stopped again. Something was telling him to turn east further into the woods. Placing his wooden longbow over his shoulder and returning his arrow into its quiver he set off.

Walking down a steep decline, thoughts began to flood his head. How could this smell have been so potent from so far away? What even was this smell? Why had he never had this happen before?

Suddenly, a realization that he had never been to this part of the forest came to him. The trees, he thought, had to have been taller than any other in the world. The leaves and branches were so dense that sunlight failed to penetrate through. A few streams from the sun above made its way through giving just enough light to guide his path. An eery feeling carried over him. Not one of being scared but that he had been here before. Knowing this to be false, he gathered his thoughts and turned around to begin his walk home.

As he turned though something caught his eye. His senses became overwhelmed and he started jogging towards what looked to be an overhang of rock from the cliff nearby. Panic began to overtake him as he neared. The smell of death and decay flowed through his body as he wanted to collapse to the ground. He begrudgingly pushed forward coming to the point his eyes had caught site of.

"What in the name of the Light is this?" he cried as he fell to his knees in despair. Tears began to roll down his face. All he could make out were pieces of what used to be people. A mangled arm laid on top of a mans half eaten face, the eyes wide open with a look of shock and agony. A woman with her abdomen missing held the hand of what apparently was her daughter seemingly trying to comfort her in her last terrifying moments. The little girl still clinching her doll in the other hand laid there with an expression of fear with blood dried to her face.

Geralt fell backwards onto his bottom and began scooting himself backwards. He gathered speed and stumbled as he turned to stand run away. The only thoughts were to get as far away from what could have done that. As he kept imagining the size of the bear or pack of wolves that could have done this he suddenly fell. With thoughts racing he had not paid attention and fell down an embankment. As the turned head over heals he reached the bottom smacking his head on a log. Blood began to trickle into his eyes and he tried to remain conscious. As his sight fades in and out all he could see was the outline of some type of animals face.

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