An abandonment

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An abandonment

Postby Kirby » Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:04 pm

A wind blows, but nobody knows where the wind began.

A new wind, a cold wind, in a new land. Much different than back home, but wait, this is a new home.

Kirby drawls, " Damn it's cold here." As he looks around at these people whom speak so fast.

He finds himself in a city, a large city, a new city with shining white walls, with new objectives, new concerns.

I must not concern myself with the empress...may she live forever. There are new rulers, new people, fast speaking people, and trollocs, oh the trollocs. That is why I defected in the first place. There is a real battle, up north, against the trollocs. Those beasts, they haunt my dreams.

I must prepare myself for a new war, a war on the trollocs. The end is near. They must not attack me, these northerners. I hope the warrants are removed. I will do whatever necessary. That was so long ago, when things were different, before the war on the trollocs.

Kirby again drawls, this time under his breath, staring absently at his new surroundings, "Damn it's cold here."

He explains, "It's not like I was ever apart of the ever victorious army. I just got caught up in a few skirmishes, in with those that channel the one power unleashed, those in Emond's field, whom will never swear the oaths. I got caught up in a few battles, but never joined the ranks of the ever victorious army." I have no previous clan, was never aligned with any from Seandar and beyond.

Kirby shivers and nods with intent to the Aes Sedai in front of him. "I renouce all claims to my homelands. I make myself available to fight for the light. We must kill the beasts, those trollocs in the north, for the light."

The Aes Sedai makes a note and nods back. She replies, "We have yet to determine what to do with you."

Kirby resigns and obediently nods in reply. The wind continues to bite.

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