To Communicate

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To Communicate

Postby Terri » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:49 pm

Its been five months since the attack when a coward Child of Light flung a dagger around a corner and caught her in the throat.

Lissandra doesn't remember anything from the attack except a sharp pain and falling. Her mind blocked out the trauma before she even hit the ground. It wasn't until some days later when she awoke and they told her what happened.

It seems Terri has proven herself a good damane after all. Upon the dagger breaking skin she launched ice spikes at the attacker dropping him instantly. Terri is not well versed in healing but she was able to do enough to keep Lissandra alive.

The relationship between Lissandra and Terri had grown over the last five months. Lissandra even began to care for Terri, in the way a hunter cares for his dogs. A necessity for the job that needs done. In this case, forwarding the will of the Empress, may she live forever, and the advancement of the Corenne.

That being said there is value in a loyal pet. Especially considering the cirumstances. Lissandra can no longer speak as a result of the attack. However, the two have learned a kind of hand talk, and in a way, use of the a'dam, to allow Terri to communicate for Lissandra. Most of the other Sul'dam do not approve of property speaking to them, but Lissandra refuses to stay silenced. Not by a coward. Not by an oathbreaker.

*Lissandra and Terri exchange handtalk*

The two stand, drawing cloaks about them, and exit the study.
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