A New Set of Lessons: Part 3

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A New Set of Lessons: Part 3

Post by Leria » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:51 am

Leria sat on the chaise in her study, as the chilled breeze blew in from the window. A short stack of notes and pages rested on the small oak table beside her as she read each one. Many were notes from various accepted, and her Apprentice. The roll of parchments atop her desk were being ignored for the time being. It seemed there was much to catch up on after her mission from Danelle to assist the Kandori Merchant Guild.
Someone knocks on the studydoor from the other side.

“Come in,” the Sedai called as she continued to read, assuming it was Maura or the new guard who was fond of following her about like a pack mule.
“Excuse me Leria Sedai,” Maura began clearing her throat. “There is a Gaidin Councilman here to speak with you.” Maura stepped in knocking into an errant stack of books that had found a home on the floor before her desk. Gaidin Marshall entered behind her and glanced about pausing to take in the room, before offering a bow to the woman on the couch.

Leria rose to her feet and inclined her head gracefully before setting the letter down. “Good day Councillor, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Maura futzed around with a few shelves pretending to organize, even though Leria knew she was staying within earshot to eavesdrop. Ice blue eyes returned to the Gaidin before her.

“I am here to speak with you regarding your former Warder Aradan.” He began as he moved towards the desk and away from the door. Leria stepped closer to the window, recalling the unpleasant conversation she had with Mother and Danelle the week prior regarding the necessity for the bond to be severed.

“He has been sent on an important mission with several others to handle some business, as I am sure you have been told.” Leria Sedai waved a dismissive hand as she stared out the window watching the street below for a familiar set of shoulders. Marshall coughed, to gain her attention, but when she remained unmoving he continued,” I have come to offer my services as your Warder Aes Sedai, should you require them.”


Maura brought in a large tray with two plates of dinner and set it on the desk. The woman had not seen the Sedai’s desk so empty in years, something had shifted in her Sedai, and Maura was determined to find out what.

“You work too hard still. The reports from your previous warders did not mention you hiding between pages of parchment.” Marshall stated plainly as they entered the room. A large pack set in the corner, as Leria set down the obsidian encrusted staff near the window. The Sedai scoffed briefly, and motioned to the growing stack of parchments.

“Yes yes, what is it you keep saying… all work and no fresh air…” Leria commented, rolling her eyes in preparation for a sassy retort.

“Makes you older than you appear.” Marshall smirked at Maura, nodding with a subtle wink. The older woman scurried out with a sigh. “Aren’t you the same woman who said that knowledge doesn’t come only from a book, it comes from exploring the world around you?”

The door to Leria’s rooms opened, and Maura showed a small band of musicians into the room before she could respond. A glare shot towards the Warder standing nearby. “Gaidin…”

“Perfect timing.” Marshall motioned to the chair for the Aes Sedai to take her seat, the signaled motioned to the minstrels, “Play for us. Something of inspiration this evening.” The Gaidin took a seat on the other side of her desk preparing to eat the meal laid out on the writing surface. “I’ll make a deal with you Leria Sedai, you listen to some music this evening, and I will take any book of your choosing to my quarters to read before our next outing.”

The ice blue eyes of the Sedai began to sparkle and she leaned across the desk, “What about a set of maps, and a rough draft of a plan?”
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