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DS hunter

Postby Treach » Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:27 pm

o HP:Hurt MV:Strong > You are a 17 year old male trolloc hunter.
Your height is 6 feet, 1 inches, and you weigh 199.0 lbs.
You are carrying 20.5 lbs and wearing 13.0 lbs, peanuts.
Your base abilities are: Str:19 Int:9 Wil:7 Dex:15 Con:19.
Offensive bonus: 21, Dodging bonus: 3, Parrying bonus: 6
Your mood is: Brave. You will flee below: 8 Hit Points
Your armor absorbs about 0% on average.

o HP:Hurt MV:Strong > sc
You have 80(89) hit and 200(242) movement points.
You have scored 16718 experience points and 0 quest points.
You need 13282 exp to reach the next level.
You have played 0 days and 0 hours (real time).
This ranks you as Drogce the Boarheaded Trolloc (Level 5).
You are standing.
You are hungry.

Passphrase: freehunter.

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