Best "other" costume contestants.

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Re: Best "other" costume contestants.

Postby Xylan » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:49 pm

<worn on head> an interstellar helm with thermal optic, x-ray and night vision visors
<worn on body> an interstellar tunic imbued with the power of bursting magellanic clouds
<slung on back> an anti-gravity pack with an array of jet propulsion thrusters
<worn on arms> impenetrable plated armlets forged of intergalactic metal
<worn on hands> impenetrable plated gauntlets forged of intergalactic metal
<wielded left-handed> an unlimited-ammo photon beam rifle
<wielded right-handed> a blue solar-powered beam saber surging with electricity
<worn about waist> a space-time continuum manipulation belt
<worn on belt> a vial of temporary anti-death serum
<worn on belt> a standard issue X42.Sigma pulse beam dagger
<worn on legs> impenetrable plated leggings forged of intergalactic metal
<worn on feet> impenetrable plated boots forged of intergalactic metal

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