RIP Monobook

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RIP Monobook

Postby Taziar » Fri May 25, 2018 3:08 pm

Wikia, the host of the WoTMUD Wiki, has removed the Monobook theme as they say it doesn't conform to some European data regulations. Anyone who used Monobook on the wiki will now use the ad ridden and poorly formatted stock theme. Thuvia and I have both just started to test PseudoMonobook that is a personal ccs skin that emulates the Monobook feel. There are instruction in the link to setup this for any wiki user account as it is not possible to make it a wiki wide default. Navigating to the recent changes page will find where Russ3Z and Medakan have made the necessary edits to be used as examples.

I currently am having a minor bug while using this on the main Wiki page, but all of the articles for me are working fine. Thuvia isn't having the same issue... This looks to be pretty new and most likely is going to continue to have updates as time goes on.

Any questions or help with getting this setup please reply here.


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