A Public Apology to Lady Erulisse Sedai

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A Public Apology to Lady Erulisse Sedai

Post by Sirano » Thu May 30, 2019 1:02 pm

In Caemlyn and Cairhien, in Emond’s Field and Irinjavar, in all the cities and towns that the Light touches, gleemen step into squares. In Tar Valon, said to be the most beautiful Ogier crafted city in the world, a gleeman stands before a gushing fountain. In Tear, a gleeman stands atop a wooden box to stay out of the muck and mud. In Fal Dara, a gleeman stands atop a war saddle. At the appointed time, all unroll a scroll and begin reading.

To all people who reside in the Light,
I, Sirano the Sonneteer, Gleeman of Mild Renown, declare my public apology to Lady Erulisse Sedai, whose honor I offended in a clumsy attempt at humor. I am but a humble poet, and at times become lost in my art and forget myself. I tried to perform a simple village trick on Lady Erulisse Sedai, and it was deeply inappropriate. The dignity of all people is paramount in our world today, when we face so many threats from the Dark One. I did not intend to besmirch or mistreat Lady Erulisse Sedai, and hope that this public apology will begin to correct the wrongs.
Here is a short poem I have written for the occasion, in the Shienaran style:

Once more I acted
Without thinking, becoming

In the Light and with sincere regret,
Sirano the Sonneteer
Gleeman of Mild Renown