Bringing War to Manetheren Will No Longer be Tolerated

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Bringing War to Manetheren Will No Longer be Tolerated

Post by Lea » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:24 pm

New signs have been erected at the four entrances to Emond's Field. In fresh, white paint a notice has been written for all to see

Any individual who seeks to use Manetheren as a sanctuary after having been involved in a conflict with a member of a clan of the Light recognized by Manetheren will now be warranted. If you engage in conflicts with a Light-fearing clan and seek refuge within our borders, you will be warranted for bringing war to our country. Do not bring your conflicts to the Mountain Home, our people seek only war with the Shadows and those invaders who lay claim to our lands.

It is still illegal to attack people who are not wanted by the Red Eagles or are not Seanchan within the Two Rivers, this new law does not change that. If you attack another person within the Two Rivers, regardless of where the conflict started, you will be warranted. However, people who seek to shelter behind the banner of the Red Eagles and bring war to our door steps will be warranted as well.