Troubling News

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Troubling News

Post by hasp » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:21 pm

Fellow members of the Light,

A storm is gathering around the darkfriends in Tar Valon. News has spread that the lapdog Draz has led an attack within the lands of Andor, retaking the city of Baerlon from some of those that are sworn to obey a madman. While the sworn are a type of crazy of their own, it seems the Tower feels their power and control has no bounds.

Not long after the egregious act, a group of witches and lapdogs including Draz again attacked Hand Zerious while Seanchan were invading the lands of Andor. Hand Zerious, escaped this ambush and retreated, obeying the laws of Andor.

He has justified his actions as incompetence but we see them for what they are. These are actions of a Darkfriend, one sowing discontent within the world. Will their lust for power and control continue unchecked?

The Light will guide us. If anyone has more information that can help us in our fight please contact a Child or Hand of Light.

Signed with a Golden Sunburst
Hasp al’Dival