The World Burns

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The World Burns

Post by Fermin » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:29 pm

At an inn somewhere, while a gleeman sings a song about a lovely maiden fair, a strange man tacks up a simple but cryptic message.


Syntax: channel 'incinerate' <target>

One of the reasons that channelers are highly feared in the land, it
is one of the most powerful weaves that exist, although knowledge of
its preconditions is guarded carefully. Indeed, only the most powerful
Aes Sedai are entrusted with the responsibility. Folklore records this
weave as burning the target alive, causing an agonizing death, which
is extremely difficult to reverse. Browns warn against this weave, as
it is not fully understood and has been known to turn on the weaver.

Trolloc - 1,000 gold
Fade - 2,000 gold
Dreadlord 2,500 gold
Razhak - 5,000 gold