Gleeman Recruitment

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Gleeman Recruitment

Postby Meiffret » Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:50 pm

Dear Citizens of the Light,

If you are looking for a home and you like to tell a story or a joke, then keep reading. If you already have a home, don't forget to pay the rent. If you don't like a story or a joke, please see a Wisdom at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, read on!

I am looking for an apprentice or three to join me in the art of Glee. All I ask is that you're level 20+, a friend of the Light with no warrants (Seanchan and Dark is permitted) AND not a channeler (either male or female).

If you're still reading and you think this might be you, simply mail me a letter about yourself. If the letter alone is good enough - congratulations, that will do. If you don't spell good, meet me in person and prove your worth and congratulations, that will also do.

Meiffret A'Hara,
Gleeman Council.

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