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Postby Kryzen » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:06 am

* S HP:Wounded MV:Strong > n
ba h.Arakasi
Seandar Central Square
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
A board hangs on a wall peppered with tales of glory, adventure and history.
Some elaborate figurines spew fresh water into a broad basin here.
A dirty rock lies here.
Arakasi of Kandor is standing here mending a weapon, riding a warhorse.
Dheth the Morat'torm is standing here, riding a sleek well-trained torm.
A small dog is here, barking furiously.
Thick dark hair falls to the wide shoulders of this da'covale man.
Gliding along in cool arrogance is a High Lady of the Blood.
The Seandar town crier stands here, spreading the news.

You silently approach your victim...

ba h.dheth
A Lady of the Blood leaves south.
A handsome da'covale man leaves south.

Dheth says 'hi'

You silently approach your victim...

Dheth makes a strange sound as you place a curved clear dagger in his back!
This session you've landed 17 out of 26 stabs (65% landed)
Since 8/20/2018 you've landed 1114 out of 2283 stabs (48% landed)
Dheth is dead! R.I.P.
You feel the Weave of the Wheel tighten around you.
Oh, much better the second time around.
Your blood freezes as you hear Dheth's death cry.

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