A notice about Illianers

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A notice about Illianers

Postby Yasmin » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:43 am

A thick parchment is delivered by carrier pigeon to those most esteemed dignitaries of the lands. Penned in very clear form it reads:

Dear reader,

Please be aware that recently the very small nation of Illian has made threats towards the Borderguard that defend all lands from the shadow. Illian is indeed a small, insignificant nation struggling economically in competition to Tear. Over the years, they have been unable to provide much support to the Borderlands and those few Illian Companion that do seem to have completely abandoned their nation to fight the Shadow instead, enabling the invaders to advance upon Tear and ransack the small city of Illian. One might note that Kerryk is not among these known to fight the Shadow.

Overall, it should be noted that Kerryk likely does not represent the views of the people of Illian. One should also question his judgement to think invaders we all face are more important than the evil that brews within the Blight.

Even as Tear struggles with the Seanchan invaders on our own lands due to the incompetence of Illian we acknowledge there is no battle more important than that against the Shadow. As such, Kerryk should be hunted as the darkfriend he is as Tear reaffirms it's commitment to the ongoing battle against the Shadow.

Tear shall also support the Shienaran Lancers, their sovereignty, their authority and their judgment in any manner they see fit to manage the Blight border and their own lands of which small southern nations who know little of their struggle should be of no concern.

Tear stands ready to crush the small Illianers and their even smaller king should they venture too far north with such hostility.

*Signed and sealed with the arms of one of the noble Tairen houses*

Yasmin the Defender of the Stone Council

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