Travel Advisory: Amadicia

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Travel Advisory: Amadicia

Postby Akiran » Sat May 26, 2018 12:25 pm

Travel Advisory: Amadicia

Recently, several of our guardsmen have come under attack by the local yokels of the deep, deep south. On occasion these simple folk have even attacked and slain our horses!

While I do not believe these misled men in white to be bandits or darkfriends, there must be some logical explanation for their very strange behavior of late.

I believe there may be something in the water. For ages, the people of Amadicia have poured all variety of herbs and strange concoctions into the local water supplies seeking to disrupt and disorient. Even their own fountains swirl with the blues, reds and greens of a cloth dyers waste water.

It is my belief that their strange and unsociable behavior of late may of resulted from a tainted water supply. I'd recommend caution be used around these misled men in white as their actions may be unpredictable and strange after the consumption of so much tainted water.

At this time, I don't believe a Travel Ban is nescessary. I for one will openly accept and welcome the poor refugees of Amadicia (after a THOROUGH check up by a qualified Wisdom).

In closing, should you visit the lands of Amadicia, beware the local yokels and please, don't drink the water.

~~Lord Akiran the Captain of the Wall~

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