How does db and pb work in a melee fight?

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How does db and pb work in a melee fight?

Postby Alterith » Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:01 am

How does pb and db work in a straight up melee fight without bashing involved? Some people say that the db will roll against the ob of the opponent first and if it fails, then the pb will independently and separately roll against the on of the opponent (without the db stacking).

Is this true? Or does db contribute to some stacking effect in deflecting or parrying a hit?

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Re: How does db and pb work in a melee fight?

Postby Mhaliah » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:22 am

This is a hard one to test. The multiple variable ob(attacker), dodge(defender), and parry(defender) would need a very rigorous testing system to isolate and control individual variables. And without knowing the individual roll values for the three independent variables it would need a large data set to look for statistically significant difference between expected values for "ob v dodge, if fail v parry function" compaired to "ob v SUM(dodge + parry)". If someone has the exact way the coding specifies these rolls based on the displayed value I could calculate the expected values for these systems and if the difference is large it would need relatively less data to see which, if it is small it would take larger data sets. If the stacking is not a straight sum it become much much harder to determine.

"the exact way the coding specifies these rolls" means; is this a 1d(displayed value) roll or ydx where the max roll (or some other statistical value) is the displayed value?

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Re: How does db and pb work in a melee fight?

Postby Raeza » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:27 am

I've noticed that sometimes it says you "dodge" the attack, and other times it says that you "parry" or "deflect" the attack. If these correspond to a failed roll against db and a failed roll against pb, respectively, then I would think you might be able to exploit these messages as a way to test this?

It seems like you could first verify whether or not these messages do indeed correspond to which defense stat caused the attack to fail (e.g. by comparing a defender with high db and low pb, and then vice versa).

Then, if the messages do seem to indicate this, you could use that to test whether the two stats seems to be independent (one roll, followed by the other), or interacting in some way.

Just a thought...

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Re: How does db and pb work in a melee fight?

Postby Draz » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:29 am

Yes you can test this, also with sitting defence etc.

Easiest way that comes to mind is to vary an extremely high dodge setup, with a very high pb setup, with combinations of both

What I found anecdotally is that either on its own is not fantastic, but dodge above certain threshholds seems to really help pb

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