Memorials of the Wheel

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Re: Memorials of the Wheel

Post by Khahliana » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:13 pm

There is another one for Ciel also:

1w TVCS:
l statue
Silver polished to a liquid gleam forms the shape of a regal woman,
standing tall and proud with her head tilted upwards and her shoulders held
straight and strong. The expression on her face is that of pride and honor,
a queen could not have held herself with more majesty than the figure of
this woman. The shawl draped over her shoulders is studded with thousands
of sparkling sapphires that glitter in the light like blue lightning.

Cupped in her upturned silver palm is an eternally burning flame that casts
shadows of itself on the polished silver of her dress and causes the
sapphires of her shawl to burn with its flame. The flowing script on the
base of the statue reads: In memory of Ciel Sedai, the eternal Flame of the
Light and Tar Valon.

I have also found one in the Red Ajah apartments for Quarallain Kelsn. No one I have talked to in the past seemed to have heard of her. The room is A Small Apartment in the Red Ajah wing, 4w 2n e n e n u w from the staircase.

l vase
The flowers are arranged meticulously to create a spiral of complementary
colors. There is an inscription on the vase in Old Tongue written in
stylized, scrolling script.

l script
Looking more carefully, in very fine, faint print hidden among the
geometric patterns is a translation of the Old Tongue. It reads "Dedicated
to the Memory of Quarallain Kelsn. One of the greatest peacemakers of our

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Re: Memorials of the Wheel

Post by Caelophlyn » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:13 pm

Reading these brought tears to my eyes. So many players we have lost.. I was very close with Adaire, Mushu and Seeras. Think of them often and will never stop missing them.

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