Response to threats upon the Children of Light by Andor (Declaration of War against Andor)

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Response to threats upon the Children of Light by Andor (Declaration of War against Andor)

Postby Anor » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:36 pm

A letter addressed to Mhaliah M'taal and the Witch Morgase.

For too long have we listened the noise coming from Mhaliah's mouth. He makes threats against the lives of the Children of the Light. Not only that but he refuses to heed the words of our council during negotiations. Our efforts to keep the peace in Andor has seen us slaying trollocs and dreadlords alike and this is the thanks we get in return. Now Queens Guard soldiers have been seen inside Amador raging war alongside the delusional farmers from Emonds Field. Strange that you chose to side with the state the broke free from you in a war. The strings from the White Tower need to be cut once and for all. Therefore we have no choice but to respond accordingly.

Our demands are:
1. Cede control of Baerlon to the Children of the Light
2. Children of the Light installs a regent to rule Andor
3. Replacement of Fanico with a Lord Captain patrol
4. Replacement of Tallanvor with a Lord Captain patrol
5. Free hunting rights within Andor. This means no repercussions or warrants as a result of any attacks initiated by the forces of the Light.

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