Re: Declaration of War against Amador

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Re: Declaration of War against Amador

Postby Adael » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:25 am

The terms of victory for the Lion Warden are as follow:

1) All active *oL of rank 6 or higher will submit for a public execution to be held outside Caemlyn in the Executioner's Glade. A public record of each execution will be made available (via RP forums).

2) Pedron Niall will be placed in the Caemlyn Jail, to be replaced by Lord Dalfoor in his absence. All Children of the Light decisions during Pedron's absence must be vetted by the Queen through Lord Dalfoor.

3) Amador and the Fortress of Light are to be emptied of weapons, which are to be forged into plows and other tools. The Children immediately end all military activity to assist the farmers of Emond's Field in providing food to the world. (One of the patrols outside Amador is to be removed, and some docile CoL mobs show up as farmers in Emond's Field. Such mobs should not assist in battle, just be there in the background plowing, planting, and reaping. They shall provide free food upon request.)

4) One of the roaming CoL patrols north of Amador will be replaced with a Lion Warden patty. Three ex-CoL mobs from the disbanded patty should be made non-violent and be brought to Andor take up work as hands at a local farm, so that they may atone for their harassment of farmers as well as their crimes against Andor.

5) The ban on channeling in Amador be lifted and all channelers be granted temporary amnesty (for 6 irl months).

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