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Re: Bash and Shields

Postby Mhaliah » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:08 pm

Chuker wrote:
Zarth wrote:The formula for bash is (OB * Weight * 10)/150 + PB/4, so yes the best pb shield is the one to use!

If this is true does that mean bone-crushing mattock is the best bashing 2 handed clubs?
From Wiki
a bone-crushing mattock DMG:9d3 OB:85 PB:5 18.0 lbs (103.25)
a s'redit prod DMG:7d4 OB:85 PB:7 17.0 lbs (98.08)
a spiked double handed warhammer DMG:8d4 OB:78 PB:5 17.5 lbs (92.25)
a massive war maul DMG:5d9 OB:80 PB:0 17.0 lbs (90.67)
a tainted war maul DMG:6d8 OB:77 PB:1 17.5 lbs (90.08)

Going to assume your math is all good!

From a purely bash perspective yes.

But a 9d3(mattock) has an average damage output of 18, 6d6 (silver banded mallet not listed: bash score 95.3) has an average of 21. That is a 17% higher average damage for the mallet, but only an 8% better bash score for the mattock.

a 6d8 (tainted maul) has average damage output of 27. That is a 50% higher average damage for the tainted maul, but only a 15% higher bash score for the mattock.

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