A Notice to the Children of the Light

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A Notice to the Children of the Light

Postby Fuujin » Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:04 pm

A noticed tacked to the gates of Amador and Tear reads:

To the Children of the Light:

Long have the Children and the Defenders of the Stone considered each other friends. We are both strong militaries beset by enemies all over who, over the years, have withstood many attempts to bring us down. The Light surely blesses those who perform sacred duties, and the duties of a Defender to prevent another Breaking is indeed sacred. It is through our similarities and our willingness to engage in combat beside each other that we've forged a friendship, although many leagues separate our two nations.

It has not been the place of Defenders of the Stone to interfere with the mission of the Children of the Light, wherever the Children find themselves. We have stood aside as the Children take those they deem darkfriends away and we have trusted that you are right in your mission and purpose.

However, it has become apparent that members of your organization have a problem with over-zealousness. When Defenders of the Stone come under repeated attack by Children, it calls into question the righteousness of your mission and purpose, and it strains these bonds of friendship.

Until such a time that the Children can bring to heel these zealous troops, the Children and the Hand of Light will not be welcome in Tear or its territories. Failure to abide by this banishment will further dissolve our bonds and result in warrants.


Fuujin Oaks, Under-Lieutenant
Councilwoman of the Defenders of the Stone

Lord Tarak, Under-Captain
Councilman of the Defenders of the Stone

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