An Open Letter to Child Daal

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An Open Letter to Child Daal

Postby Fuujin » Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:07 pm

Child Daal,

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the wordy and outrageous proclamation you wasted your time writing. But since you did and since you wrote so many lies within them, let me clear some things up:

I spoke with Child Merrick, in person, to clear up a number of issues and concerns the Children claimed to have. He stated that the Children cared not if we went to war with the White Tower and he claimed to understand that, unlike the position taken up by Yasmin, the Defenders of the Stone needed the ability to be more diplomatic. He claimed to understand that the Defenders mission and purpose is to protect the Stone from False Dragons and prevent another breaking and that we would use all available means necessary to do so. To quote Child Merrick, "Sometimes to catch a witch, you need a witch." We parted ways with the understanding that Tear had no desire to break the bonds that we have built with the Children over many years, but that the treaty needed renegotiation.

And after that meeting, on numerous occasions, did I find my party under attack by the Children and Hand of Light and I stood aside while they captured those you deemed darkfriends, not lifting a hand to interfere.

On one occasion did a party containing those the Children consider enemies enter Amador, to slay monsters and darkfriends, and for that I and others in my party were banished. I both apologized and have never since broken that banishment.

On another occasion my party once again came under attack by a Child. This time, I did not -aid- my party, but the soldier who followed Child Kryzen engaged me. I notified Child Kryzen that I could not flee, but rather then order his soldier to retreat, he ordered it to engage me and the soldier died in the process. Blind or ignorant to the reality of the situation, Child Kryzen pursued and engaged me while I chose not to engage him.

Shortly thereafter I was warranted. Illegally so. Let me remind the Children of the international laws on warranting:
Warranting Rules.
1. You can warrant for any attack on your person anywhere in the mud, provided this doesn't breach any of the following rules.
2. You can warrant for any breaking of your nation's laws, provided these are in line with these rules.
3. You can not warrant people for being grouped with a wanted, or for defending someone they are grouped with if they are aiding their group members in self-defense (face-off engagements). This includes their immediate retaliation and pursuit, until the point you inform them you were in error while attempting to serve a warrant.
4. If someone fulfills the pre-set conditions for a pardon, you must pardon.

In spite of this illegally placed warrant, I still aimed to repair relations with the Children. My recent announcement was designed to call attention to the leadership of the Children about the antics of its members and for them to reach out and seek remedy. But it became readily apparent that the Children have no concern for friends or allies as, in spite of the treaty you claim was so dear to you, your organization on numerous occasions attempted to attack me.

It has also become readily apparent to me over the last several weeks that the Children have no regard for the sovereignty of other nations nor their laws as these attacks have occurred everywhere from Two Rivers to Fal Dara and in all the lands in between.

Once there were many Children that I considered friends of mine. We drank together, we fought beside each other, we comforted one another in our losses. They were honorable men and women of the Light. But the Children today are nothing like those men and women. I cannot tell you apart from mere bandits in white cloaks.

So let's get the facts straight, Child Daal. It was the Children who broke the treaty when they illegally warranted me. It was the Children who broke the treaty when they continued to attack a member of the Defenders of the Stone. The Children made no effort to remedy the issue or their concerns by contacting the Defenders as any respectable organization would do, instead they chose to attack, as bandits would. The Children lack honor and they lack respect and no light fearing man or woman will be swayed by your distorted version of the truth.

It will forever by my hope that the Children return to their once respectable past and get their soldiers in line. Should that day come, I and the Defenders will eagerly be ready to call you friends once more, as we have in the past. But the Defenders of the Stone go where we please with whom we please and we will not be harassed or threatened by friends nor foe alike. Until then, you can shove your light-blasted proclamation right back into the pit of lies where it came from.


Fuujin Oaks, Under-Lieutenant
Ambassador of Tear
Councilwoman of the Defenders of the Stone

P.S. Remove my illegally placed warrant.

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