A Reminder from the Shienaran Lancers

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A Reminder from the Shienaran Lancers

Postby Ashlee » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:36 pm

It has come to the attention of the Shinearan Lancers that certain individuals, including high-ranking officers of nations, have broken the Peace of Shienar. To reiterate, the Peace of Shienar is sacrosanct. It is unlawful to attack any human, including those from the Seanchan nation, in Shienar, save only those who have been revealed to be darkfriends. Attacking a human when Shadowspawn are near or have recently been engaged will be considered evidence of abetting the armies of the Shadow.

In general, Shienaran treaties and alliances do not permit the serving of warrants Fal Dara. Furthermore, horses are of great value to the lives of humans up north. Stealing or attacking horses is, and always has been, seen as an unlawful breach of the Peace.

As announced, viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7672, the Seanchan nation is no longer viewed as an enemy of Shienar. Attacking a Seanchan in Shienar will be viewed as an attack on a human.

Any violation of Shienaran law will result in banishment, warrants, or any other punishment as determined by the discretion of the ranking Lancer on duty and/or the Lancer Council.

Lord Weir [Shienaran Lancer Council]
Lady Ashlee [Shienaran Lancer Council]
Isabel [Shienaran Lancer Council]

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