A rack of even more darkened steel tridents!

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A rack of even more darkened steel tridents!

Postby Corrine » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:18 pm

An old hag stands here. She gives you one of those old haggardly stares. Suddenly with lightning quickness she whaps you on the shin with her cane! Ouch! "You old bag what was that for?" With a toothless cackle she looks you over. "You look like you could use a good whap to the shins is all." Clearly this one has gone into her senile years. Muttering while rubbing your shin you look behind her. A rack full of darkened steel tridents, who'd of guessed. She sees you looking and with uncanny quickness whaps your other shin! "Don't you be looking at my rack she cackles." Muttering to yourself about a retirement home you sigh. "Listen old lady! If you whap me one more time were gonna ha-----." The last thing you remember is a cane flying towards your head... You wake up who knows how long later groggy and muttering. Dam senile old bag! You find a note pinned to your chest. "Seeking other weapons of rarity for my rack of trident's."

You mutter and stumble away rubbing your shin's and the side of your head.

So I guess I stockpiled ocgs at one point lol. I found another 5 tridents. Seeking other rare weapons of the defensive variety only. There's enough for a resets worth! Someone get these out of this dusty rack and put them to use! Herons/pogs/shocklances/and whatever other rare in order.

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Re: A rack of even more darkened steel tridents!

Postby Gretchen » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:56 pm

an even older hag walks in glancing at your rack then walks off again

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