For the Light!

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For the Light!

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Tar black, the night, but they do not come as thieves. Boldly clad in the dressings of the righteous, pure white cloaks, flaring sunbursts, the blood-red crook of the shepherd. Many wear the golden knots of rank.

The gates cannot hold them, nor the fabled might of the darkfriends that abide within. Upwards they climb, steadfast on crimson footsteps, the blood of the witches marking their advance.

Through long marble hallways, past fine woven tapestries, the richly colored trappings contradicting the depth of the Shadow's hold here. A slaughter, there, as a final resistance is mounted in the Anteroom. The one they call the Keeper is thrown down. Her name will pass to forgotten silence, her soul to the vile clutches of the Dark One.

The final door they cleave asunder, and entering, lift the seven-colored stole and an ageless head from the shoulders of the Amyrlin Seat.

The bells of the Tower toll of the death of Cadsuane Melaidhrin long after they have departed.

But the tale of the ir deeds does not end there. Hard they ride, hooves striking sparks from the paced road. A ghoulish parade through the streets, the pure white of their cloaks marred, bloody, to lay the head of the master at the feed of the puppet. The queen, stone-faced, orders their execution. And so the slaying begins anew. Generals, nobility, Blademasters. They fall before the arms of the upright. The courtyard of the Palace is strangely quiet as they file out.

And again, the bells toll. The Queen, Morgase, pawn and witch-trained, has been slain.

Lord Anor Lin'Dyelyn, Lieutenant
Lord Kryzen Alen, Lieutenant
Lord Daal, Lieutenant
Merrick, Under-lieutenant
Hasp al'Dival, Under-lieutenant
Parker Matthews, Under-lieutenant
Laik al'Strom, Hundredman
Faradraeth Talvaen, Bannerman
Zheva, Second Bannerman
Arkyn, Squadman
Thaden Gyle, Shepherd
Viellain, Shepherd
Mudrada, Hand of the Light
Meridius Vescovi, Hand of the Light

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