A Refugee Learns Why Her Parents Ran

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A Refugee Learns Why Her Parents Ran

Post by Merilee » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:06 am

Merilee hadn't known why her parents fled their native Tarabon to Kandor, when she was just a babe at the teat. They just said it was nothing she'd ever have to worry about. And truthfully, there was enough to worry about there, with invasions from the Blight and ensuring the farm grew enough to get through the worst of winter.

When she left for adventure, they just said, "Whatever you do, don't go back to Tarabon and try to find where you were born. I know you might be curious, but don't. For us. Please?" They made her swear. She truly thought they were mad to be afraid of anything less than a Fade leading a fist of trollocs, but she swore. With the trepidation any family has when their child must grow up, they wished her well.

Traveling west from the Ogier-built city of Caemlyn, she heard indications that there might be trouble nearby. Knowing her horse was tired, she backtracked to the guards nearby on the road, and saw another human there too. Relief washed over her -- should Trollocs come by, another wiser warrior would be there to help her, not just the guards. As she started to apologize for coming up on him and lingering, but that she was relieved to find another human there to help her.....


The Caemlyn Road
Traveling to the east and west, this wide road is scarred by the ruts from
the wheels of freight carts and wagon trains. Somewhere off to the east, the
towering city of Caemlyn stands, as it has for many years; less distant, to the
west, Four Kings marks one of the few centers of population in this area.
[ obvious exits: E W ]
Xin the Mandarb'a'shar is standing here.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently, being ridden by you.
An Andoran cavalryman is here, riding a roan charger.
An Andoran cavalryman is here, riding a roan charger.
An Andoran cavalryman is here, riding a roan charger.
An Andoran cavalryman is here, riding a roan charger.
An Andoran cavalry officer watches vigilantly, riding a warhorse.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Fresh >
You say 'sorry good sir'
Suddenly Xin places a silver-winged basilard in your back!
Ouch! That Really did HURT!

You wish that your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!

You panic and attempt to flee!
You flee head over heels.


She was able to get as far as Whitebridge when her horse became haggard. She led the poor, lather-covered beast just a little further, to get to a spot where she thought no one could sneak up on her.

All went black shortly thereafter.

She woke up, dazed. She checked her purse, her coin was still there. She was still dressed, the man hadn't attempted to have his way with her -- or her gold. Not even her horse! Not a common footpad, obviously. But why?

Figuring this wasn't the best time to ask questions, she dizzily rose, got up on her horse, and rode as far west and south as she could.

And then she learned why her parents left their homeland, from some people gathered in a city square. Perhaps more than they ever did, or they would have given her clearer warning. Apparently an invasion force from across the ocean had come, and when rumors reached Tarabon, they elected to deal with harsh winters and raids from Shadowspawn, rather than people who would just backstab random people because they believed this continent was theirs alone.

Merilee thought to herself, "Why would anyone battle other humans if they'd ever seen a Trolloc raid destroy a village, seen whole families slaughtered, lost friends? If they'd ever seen what was left after a Draghkar had their way with a woman -- not just damaging her soul like some men feel wearing pants means you're asking for, but devouring it? Do they not know the threat, or do they feel safe from it?"

She found a bed in a local inn, still puzzling over the questions in her mind, and wishing a reliable messenger could reach her parents.

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Re: A Refugee Learns Why Her Parents Ran

Post by isabel » Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:41 pm

Very nice! I'm curious why the man didn't steal coin/murder. And what happens next??

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Re: A Refugee Learns Why Her Parents Ran

Post by Kaan » Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:02 pm

I know that she did rip ingame, but I think she adjusted the story for the forum since her character has been respun. She also probably got a an eq-return. :-)

Still, nice story, Merilee. It is a good attempt to add an rp context to the events.

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Re: A Refugee Learns Why Her Parents Ran

Post by Merilee » Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:45 pm

Merilee woke up in the middle of the night, after dreams of battling giant Trollocs that suddenly grew fully human faces, and picked up a piece of paper.

"Mum, Da,

I don't know if this will get to you. I am well, and I hope you are. I miss you. And I don't want to worry you.

I need to know, though. How much did you know when you ran from Tarabon? I kept my vow. I didn't go there. I don't know how the city is, I didn't try to see my birth home. And I won't.

But I have heard disturbing things, and I'm afraid I ran into the same trouble you fled to keep me away from. Yet, I don't know. I think you would have told me, had you knew the truth. If the things I've heard were the same things you did. But I don't even know if I know the truth. I just know my truth. And I don't want to frighten you. As I said, I am well.

I was accosted by a man, who didn't speak to me, just attacked me. Yet, he didn't do it for greed, or for other things you warned me about. I really *am* well, the willow-bark is helping and I saw a Wisdom. Maybe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But people said that he was of some "Imperial Army", from across the ocean. That they've taken Falme, and are determined to make all lands bow to their "Empress".

Yet, I don't know even if I can trust what those people say. They all seem nice and trustworthy, but Southerners don't seem to understand the real war -- against the Shadow. They war with each other constantly here. Are these "Seanchan" really that much different than the other Southerners who are so determined to do the Dark One's work for him? These Southerners seem to feel safe from the threat of the Blight. Do they even *have* Trollocs across the ocean?

But I'm afraid."

Stopping, she realizes she can't say she's afraid, even if it's true. Not to them. They tried to shelter her. She must shelter them. Until she learns more.

Feeding the sheet of paper to the candle-flame, she watches it burn. Then shakes herself away from older memories -- of larger fires, of screams... and attempts to get a little bit more sleep before the innkeeper needs the room for the next visitor.

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