The Crazy Cat Lady and the deranged cats!

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The Crazy Cat Lady and the deranged cats!

Postby Caitlind » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:32 pm

The Four Kings town crier shouted a cry for help!

He'd seen crazy cats on the road, and thought a Crazy Old Cat Lady would be the solution to deranged feline-like beasts. The cat lady was confused of course. Yes, her cats were crazy, but not THAT crazy, and normally people having a cat problem didn't want her anywhere nearby!

But joined by Voss the Squad Leader, and a young man named Vanik Kade, she went to the crier, and asked him what the problem was. He just knew they seemed to be coming from Murandy, and he'd closed the gate to keep them from getting into Andor.

So, they went south. And encountered all sorts of aggressive felines! Snow-leopards that grinned and hissed, deranged blighted cats... even a poor little swamp-cat somehow got in there, although he didn't try to kill anything bigger than a rat. The Cat Lady couldn't smite the poor swamp-cat and left him there, hoping he'd adjust to his new environment. One mangy cat did get stepped on in the fighting, not able to get out of the way in time. It was given a proper, if speedy, burial by the Cat Lady.

Approaching the gates of Lugard, it seemed like the city itself was safe... but there was blood, and cold winds, and eventually, the stench of death led them east of Lugard, almost into the true Plains of Maredo. The creatures killed the poor mad hermit! The party wept for the poor hermit, and vowed to seek justice for him!

Eevntually, the stench led them to a den under a farmhouse. There was a blighted nest in the soil, full of snow-leopards, and it seemed to be the location the creatures were coming from. The spiders didn't help matters, and unlike good cats, the vicious felines didn't attack the giant spiders. The group persisted, however, driven on by the memory of the poor hermit's maimed corpse. No other innocents could be slaughtered by these beasts!

Finally, they slew the last of the dangerous beasts of the feline-kind.

The Four Kings crier announced that the sense of wrongness he'd been feeling, the craziness from the cats, was gone. He then rewarded the party (still dripping blood from the slashes and cuts as they approached him) with potions for strength and speed in times of danger, and with much coin.

And then sneezed.

Remembering she was covered with cat hair, the Cat Lady apologized to the crier for his allergies, and took her party back to the city of Caemlyn, where a Wisdom could hopefully make sure no claw wounds would fester.


Thank you for the quest, Rhydian! It was the best free prac reset ever!


Caitlind Greigh, Crazy Old Cat Lady
Voss the Squad Leader
Vanik Kade

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