Welcome Child Yasmin!

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Welcome Child Yasmin!

Postby daal » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:15 am

Scene opens, DAAL is sitting at a mahogany desk in his quarters in the Fortress of Light. A sconce on the wall and the lantern next to him casting the only light in the room.

DAAL places the quill down on the desk and stands grabbing the parchment and begins to read aloud.

DAAL: Lord Anor, I had the honor of meeting the Tairen agent you brought into our flock since her rebirth in the Light today. I believe she may make an excellent addition to the ranks of the Children of Light. Her zeal may have led to her downfall amongst her prior compatriots, but it brightens my heart to see such a dedicated servant of the Creator emerge like a beacon of Light from a pit of deceit and despair like she has. You've made us all proud in securing another valiant soul for our fight, Creator bless you.

DAAL: With that in mind though, just as we had discussed how Hand Reven should oversee Dragonsworn operations following their defeat due to his knowledge of Ghealdean politics and the important figures within the ranks of that band of rabble, so too, do I believe that Child Yasmin, despite her short tenure in the Children, should oversee the Defenders of the Stone in this reconstruction era. Further, despite Lady Fuujin's attempts to slanderously call a devout follower of the Creator a friend of the Dark, which in itself was likely a rouse to aid in usurping control of our former allies, Child Yasmin may still have potential sway the High Lords of Tear and her former, less backstabbing, compatriots. Not to mention how personally humiliating it may be to Lady Fuujin as well.

DAAL: Therefore, I must cordially notify you that I am hereby rescinding my nomination of you as adviser to Tear, and instead nominating Child Yasmin for the position. No offense meant by this, but the choice seems relatively clear.

DAAL: In addition, I need to commend you for your excellent work in Operation Golden Birds. Years of Aes Sedai meddling failed to unite the south for the coming battles against the Dark, but somehow, through your force of will, you were able to bring peace to Illian and Tear in the course of a few months. You should definitely be considered for the Order of Erengol for your resounding successes on that front. In the Light, Daal el'Drien

DAAL: (Yelling) Child Leon, would you see that this message is delivered to Lord Anor, he's currently deployed to the Garrison in Tear.

After handing the parchment to Child Leon, DAAL sits back at his desk and the scene ends as he begins to write another letter.

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