Warning: A poster of a generic man with a red face

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Warning: A poster of a generic man with a red face

Postby Melat » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:21 am


Man found harming an innocent girl but escaped.

The victim described as followed: He is tall and strong, not fat, muscly, dark eyes and short dark hair. His face is always red as if he's always mad. He wears a dark a green cloak. This victim has shown her sprained wrist as a sign of struggle.

The Defenders protect the Stone as well as all welcomed guests and citizens of Tear. Any men, or women, who seek to harm innocent people, especially the children, will be banished from Tear. We will not tolerate mad men tainted with the one power or tainted in the heart. Let this be a warning to all. If found, please report to the Defender of the Stone Council.

Melat al'Farath
Defender of the Stone Council

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