Strange carved Items

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Strange carved Items

Postby jatka » Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:36 am

A friend of mine was showing me his collection of things from his travels. There were trinkets and baubles and oddities from Seandar to Shara. But he mentioned that a couple of the items didn't quite seem to fit in with the color scheme in his curio, so he was wondering if I might look into helping him find a better home for them. One is a bear that seems to be carved from wood, and the other is a lovely green carving of an old man. They do seem very well made and are clearly in pristine shape. He said he would entertain any reasonable offer of gold or items. If you wish to send a message in private, I will forward them on to my friend.

Never used Jade Carving of an Old Man
Never used Wood Carving of a Bear

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