a novice with lacquered nails.

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a novice with lacquered nails.

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Triss looks around her

Alison says 'Do it. Then we discuss. I bet you will learn something'
Fyra nods in agreement.

Fyra says 'I definitely will'

You tell Argle the RPMobol 'smote The remaining unshaved hair on Triss head flies in the wind'

* R HP:Scratched SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
l fyra
Standing 5' 1" tall, this fair skinned woman has a warm feel about her. She has a narrow face, a
round nose, small lips, and her green eyes are rounded. Her red hair is elbow length and is worn in
several long, thin braids.

Fyra is in excellent condition.
Fyra is healthy.

Fyra is using:
<held> a piece of sandstone
<worn on head> a fine linen riding hood
<worn around neck> a shimmering pendant of obsidian
<worn around neck> a shimmering pendant of obsidian
<worn about body> a dress with colored bands at the hem
<worn on hands> a pair of slim riding gloves
<worn around wrist> a silver Kandori wristcuff
<worn around wrist> a silver Kandori wristcuff
<wielded two-handed> an obsidian encrusted sungwood staff
<worn on legs> a divided riding skirt
<worn on feet> a set of soft velvet slippers

l alison
* R HP:Scratched SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
A slender woman stands here. Her Ash-blond hair cut in a pixie style. Her heart shaped face
highlights sharp blue eyes and her face is devoid of emotion.

Alison is in excellent condition.
Alison is healthy.

Alison is using:
<worn on head> a rimmed round helmet
<worn around neck> a Kandori snowflake necklace
<worn around neck> a Kandori snowflake necklace
<worn about body> a gown of shimmering white silk
<slung on back> a backpack
<worn on hands> a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets
<worn around wrist> a silver Kandori wristcuff
<worn around wrist> a silver Kandori wristcuff
<worn as shield> a silver etched shield
<wielded> a ruby-worked rapier
<worn on legs> a set of riveted chainmail leggings
<worn on feet> a pair of animal-fur boots

* R HP:Scratched SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
l etain

Etain is in excellent condition.
Etain is healthy.

Etain is using:
<worn on head> a thick helmet of supple leather
<worn around neck> a Kandori snowflake necklace
<worn around neck> a Kandori snowflake necklace
<worn about body> an earthen brown mantle
<worn on hands> a pair of emerald-trimmed leather gloves
<worn around wrist> a silver Kandori wristcuff
<worn around wrist> a silver Kandori wristcuff
<worn on legs> a set of darkly dyed leather leggings
<worn on feet> a pair of lissome leather boots with metal capped toes

* R HP:Scratched SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >

Etain looks at you.
Fyra says 'I didn't even know survival affected weaving'

Fyra smirks.

You say 'Are you Aes Sedai?'

The fountain splashes merrily, light sparkling beautifully on the surface of the water.

Fyra looks at you.

Alison says 'Me?'

Fyra says 'Alison Sedai is, I am accepted.'

Fyra says 'Can I help you with anything?'

Alison says 'Hello Triss. I am Alison Sedai of the white ajah.'

Fyra smiles at you.

You say 'I am High Lady Triss Aladon and I have come to speak to an Aes Sedai'

Fyra smiles happily.

Alison says 'Do continue.'

You say 'I would prefer to speak somewhere else. There are many eyes around here.'

Alison beckons you to follow her.

Alison beckons Fyra to follow her.

You now follow Alison.

You stop riding him.


Hall of the Sitters
This large circular room has a domed ceiling at least thirty paces high. A
raised platform runs around the outer edge of the room, fronted by steps
except where this ramp and two others come out, spaced equally around the
circle. The Flame of Tar Valon lies centered in the floor, surrounded by
widening spirals of color, the colors of the seven Ajahs. At the opposite
side of the room from where the ramp entered, a high-backed chair stands,
heavy and ornately carved in vines and leaves, painted in the colors of
all the Ajahs.
[ obvious exits: N ]
Fyra a'Lodred, the Tower Accepted is standing here.
Alison San is standing here.
Alyssa, official scribe of the Hall of Sitters, stands patiently nearby.

Alison says 'Fyra is learning to be Aes sedai. I would like for her to learn about this as well.

Fyra removes her staff and leans it against the wall in the corner,

Triss looks at Alyssa with suspicion.

You nod in agreement.

Fyra places her shield on the floor near her staff.

You say 'I am niece to High Lord Turak, the commander of the Hailene.'

Triss' face keeps the stone like calm, yet the eyes start to shine slightly.

Alison tilts her head at Triss.

You say 'My mother is a sul'dam. My grandmother was a sul'dam. And her mother.'

Fyra looks on plainly.

You say 'It was an honour, to be a part of such a family. And more than any oath.'

Alison nods in agreement.

Triss sighs in despair.

You say 'Until I found out...'

Alison says 'Why have you come to seek us out?'

You say 'I am a marath'damane'

Triss starts shivering.

Alison leans closer to triss.

You feel the flows of saidar coursing through your body.

Alison says 'Are you now?'

Alison says 'Who gave you this lable?'

Fyra frowns.

You say 'It is the definition. And the duty I have escaped.'

[release ]

You say 'I didn't mean it, it wasn't supposed to happen.'

You say 'I found out a month before being officially tested.'

Alison says 'I would ask you to take a deep breath. Very few seanchan will attack me here. You are
under my protection.'

You say 'I was supposed to be the next sul'dam in our family. And if not, a member of the Blood.'

Fyra looks at you.

You say 'We have agents everywhere. People swear the Oaths and return to their cities.'

You say 'It was not easy arriving here.'

Alison says 'I am not an agent and i doubt Fyra is.'

Alison says 'Fyra are you an agent?'

Fyra says 'You are safe here.'

Fyra says 'I am not an agent.'

Triss looks at Fyra briefly, then turns her attention fully back to the Aes Sedai.

You ponder life, the universe, and everything.

You say 'Can you get me rid of this... fault?'

You say 'Perhaps it happened only because I was too angry.'

Alison says 'The choice here is to join the white tower as a novice and learn from us.'

Triss nods slowly, listening to the answer.

Fyra says 'I have learned much here, Triss. It is dangerous to have the spark and not learn to
manage it. '

Alison says 'Agreed. Fyra has been with the white tower a few now. Would you like to join us?'

You say 'I know this option will bring more shame to my family than just accepting my fate and being
forgotten by it. The damane are a valuable asset to the Empress, May She Live Forever.'


You say 'I cannot live like a damane.'

Alison says 'I will have none of the rethoric, Triss.'

Triss loses her calm mask and fear makes her grimace.

Alison says 'Deep breaths.'

Alison says 'Count backward from 20 to 1'

Triss breaths in and out slowly

Alison says 'take a couple of breaths every 5 or so.'

You say 'I renounce my Seanchan origin. '

Alison says 'Good.'

Fyra smiles at you.

You say 'I wish to join the White Tower and betray the Empress. May the Light protect me.'

Alison says 'Now answer my question. Do you want to join us. I can induct you. I can give you a tour
. We can even teach you to be a better weaver of the one power. What we cant do is make the choice
for you.'

Alison nods in agreement.

You say 'My choice is made. It feels as if it was made the moment I left Falme.'

Alison looks at you.

Fyra shifts her attention to Triss.

Alison says 'Good. Very good.'

Fyra nods at you.

Alison says 'What you learnt from the seanchan you must put in the back of your mind. We will teach
you differently in the tower. We have lots of rules and you msut follow them. Are you willing to do

You say 'I am.'

Alison says 'Also'

Alison turns and looks at the other benches.

Alison says 'You might have to refer to yourself as just triss when you join us. We dont really care
for titles here.'

Alison says 'The type of titles from our past i mean.'

Fyra nods at Alison.

Triss nods with just a slight moment of hesitation.

You say 'It is only appropriate.'

Alison says 'Very well. There will be a rosebud excercise you will learn. I bet fyra can help you
remain calm as a novice.'

Fyra smiles happily.

You say 'I have lost my honour as a Seanchan. I no longer carry the surname of ancestors.'

Fyra says 'I would be pleased to, Alison Sedai.'

Alison says 'Lets us begin then'

Alison says 'Triss. The life of a novice is not easy. But it can be rewarding if you want it to be.'

Alison says 'Some have failed.'

Alison says 'Others have succeeded.'

Alison says 'How you do is up to you. You have determination and strength. I can see that.'

Alison says 'Keep that and you will survive. The past is behind you. There is no altering your past
choices. What is is. Simple logic.'

You nod at her.
later in the night:

In the Novice Quarters
A small humbly furnished room is being lit only with one candle.
A bed in the corner leaves little space for anything else. A small table
and an uncomfortable chair take up the rest, a few shelves for clothes
stand in the corner.
[exits: n]
Triss, the Fledgling Novice is sitting here on a chair.

Triss takes a borrowed pair of scissors out of the white dress' pocket.

Triss stretches her hands in the candlelight and watches them move.

Triss cuts the long nails on her little fingers and ring fingers.

Tears drop from her eyes, leaving wet traces on her face.

Leaving everything on the table, Triss moves to her bed and without making a single sound slowly falls asleep.

Tha paint on her nails shows some cracks already.
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