A Stay in Falme Goes Wrong

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A Stay in Falme Goes Wrong

Postby Quintilius » Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:16 pm

Quintilius enters the gates with a throng of people, nodding at the Deathwatch guards and marveling at their strange armor. Impressed with the state of Falme since he was last present years ago, he thinks perhaps he should swear these 'oaths' people keep talking about. Perhaps.

Quintilius darkens the doorway of the Three Plum Blossoms inn, and scopes out the common room. Empty, as usual. Clean, more or less. "Acceptable" he grumbles to himself, as he takes a seat at an empty table in the corner. He waves over a thin man and orders a drink and begins to get caught up on the gossip.

War in Tear, again. What else is new? Whispers of another Dragon. Rumors of the blight stirring ('when is it not?' he thinks to himself). Tales of the Seanchan, and the wonders they have wrought. Impressive. He takes a walk around and sees a contingent of Seanchan officers leaving on a ship. He observes their silvery leashes and exotic armors and scratches a few drawings into his notebook. They must be off to do something important. He traces their steps to the barracks, and sees who he can speak to about swearing these oaths. Those helmets were to die for, and besides channelers always did make his skin crawl.

No luck, today. Apparently all the Seanchan of note are off fighting somewhere. He grumbles as he enters the inn again. The innkeeper tells him there is one Seanchan about, but apparently a retiree. Waiting it is then. Back to his usual empty corner table. Everything is quiet.

Half awake, he hears a crash. An armored Seanchan has entered the inn, looking angry. Then he leaves, enters again, and leaves again. "What in the Light is he doing?" thinks Quintilius as the Seanchan enters again and walks aggressively to the table. 'Hey now...' Quintilius says as the Seanchan tries to swing his weapon.

Quintilius begins dancing around the room, cursing under his breath. The Seanchan at least seemed too sluggish to hit him. "Time to get out of here, I know when my welcome is worn out!" he thinks to himself as he runs out onto the street. The Seanchan follows. In a panic he runs smack into another Seanchan. Before he can speak, he is attacked again! The last thing he sees are Ogier piling into the grocery store behind the second Seanchan, and he thinks 'so much for swearing oaths' before the Ogier bring everything to a close.

"Now what in the bloody ashes was that about? Rude!" he thinks to himself, floating in a circle of light.

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