Is this intended - Murgoz

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Is this intended - Murgoz

Post by Protus » Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:46 am

So we just spent like almost 2 hours doing the chain and it loads the key to the chest we just opened? Not a great reward for effort given I would say.

In the Hidden Nook
Tucked away in the stone wall behind a tapestry, the small chamber is
cramped and quite barren. A lone safe lies on the far edge of the room
while the other walls are completely devoid of decoration or adornment.
[ obvious exits: E ]
A thick cord with a frayed tassel hangs next to the door.
A small, golden vault sits against the wall.
Alric the Overseer is standing here.
Randal Del'gado is standing here mending a weapon.
Aine Mar'Surai, Herbalist is standing here.
Luk Skai'Walkah is standing here.
Raya Setaravni is standing here.
Lord Astolfo Martel is standing here.

* HP:Battered MV:Full >
Astolfo unlocks a small, golden vault.

* HP:Battered MV:Full >
Astolfo opens a small, golden vault.

* HP:Battered MV:Full >
Luk says 'drumroll'

* HP:Battered MV:Full >
Astolfo gets a shining golden key from a small, golden vault.

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Re: Is this intended - Murgoz

Post by Elokar » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:11 pm

This happens fairly often. Iirc, it happened to Kendall 6 times in a row one day. #smobbergaidin

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Re: Is this intended - Murgoz

Post by Elodin » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:40 pm

It is intended, but I've also been intending to adjust it - I just haven't gotten around to addressing randi-chests.

I'll try and update it tonight so if it loads the key, it re-loads the random load in chest and locks. The premise was to add the key to one of the more common tiers of items as a "do over" and a chance roll again for potentially something nice.

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