A nightmare contained...

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A nightmare contained...

Post by Elysia » Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:21 pm

Padrach Fellstir set the charges carefully. The metal was supposed to fuse together, not be blown to pieces. The danger beyond the gate was too great to leave unrestricted. The setting sun illuminated the slopes to the east. He had to work quicly, before daylight was completely gone.

Taking a hot piece of coal from a tinderbox, he blew on it to make it glow more. It glowed orange. He held it against the fuse and turned away from the gate, hurrying down the rise to find some cover. Behind a boulder, he nodded at the officer who was huddled against it.

Flash! BOOM!

Padrach waited a few moments, in case there was flying debris, then looked out from beyond the boulder. Good. The gate was still sitting in its ancient hinges. He walked up the slope to inspect his work. It would no longer open. The nightmare beyond would be contained for now and no hapless souls would be wandering too close. Even the Yellows had not been able to Heal the last fellow who walked in there. And who had made it out alive.

Turning, Padrach started down the slope again. The last light had now completely gone, not even touching the tallest peaks behind him.

Re-introducing one of the Christmas smobs in a new location. The ones who find and kill it first get a nice pretty for their work.

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