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Looks like Darken works...

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:00 am
by Elysia
Itesh and I tested Darken today and somehow, it looks fixed. If it was fixed, it must've been fixed some time ago.
* HP:Healthy DP:Full SP:Full MV:Fresh > darken
You pull deeply on the shadows...
Itesh's light flickers wildly then burns out!

o HP:Healthy DP:Strong SP:Strong MV:Fresh > nod
You nod in agreement.

o HP:Healthy DP:Strong SP:Strong MV:Fresh > change race none <--- I did later check with race Andor, e.g. human too.

o HP:Healthy SP:Strong MV:Fresh >
You create a crystal lightstick.

o HP:Healthy SP:Strong MV:Fresh > hold stick
You hold a crystal lightstick above your head. <--- and I checked with mirrored lanterns and lightball later.

* HP:Healthy SP:Strong MV:Fresh > l
The Awarding Room
This room contains a bargle.
[ obvious exits: E ]
A lantern has been left here.
Itesh the Servant of the Dark (Wizinvis Srv) is standing here.
It looks like it's safe to use again, e.g. it doesn't make a room unable to be lit by functional light sources. Unbeknownst to us, it appears to have been fixed, lord knows for how long.