Herald changes.

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Herald changes.

Post by Elysia » Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:43 pm

Since November or so, we have had plans to change the heralds.

As I have explained on several occasions, Staff likes to make game changes that send people towards eachother, so interactions can result. Therefore the heralds are being changed to all end up in the north, instead of being a full circuit in the south. We hope to have heralds create more pk, just like DS heralds were set up.

There are still two varieties: easy and hard. However, instead of three different runs, there are now two. Each city will also independently roll on whether it will be the easy or hard run, so no knowing which is which from just one. That way a normal group will at least have something to do, unless all cities rolled hard by random chance.

Yes, this will make heralding more dangerous, which might translate to them being harder for some. However, we feel that player killing is such an integral part of the game, everyone should essentially be exposed to it. This may help people learn northern zones, which hopefully leads to more confidence and more people dipping a toe in north pk. Let's not forget that north pk stayed active, even when the player numbers had dropped to just a handful on each side. It's a staple of WoTmud and we would like more people to be exposed to it.

Once the change for the Seanchan herald comes around, you will see that they are not expected to go north, but instead to invade/ raid human lands. Obviously, invading is more rpish for Seanchan, but the idea behind it is the same: by sending them to human lands, interactions may ensue.

The Cairhien herald has already been changed.
Andor's herald will follow shortly. (Done: March 2)
Tear's herald has been updated. (Done: March 2)
Maradon's herald has been updated. (Done: March 2)
Amador's herald has been updated. (Done: March 2)
Falme's herald has been updated. (Done: March 2)

EDITed to add:
Up to rank 7, you will get a normal qps payout.
At rank 7 and above, you will have a chance at a reduced qps payout and a chance of a tps payout.

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