There are more imms than me.

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There are more imms than me.

Post by Elysia » Sat May 23, 2020 8:33 am


I'm being sent mails on a slew of different subjects that can be handled just fine by any 102 or Staff. E.g. people breaking 5/15, questions pertaining to clans that aren't mine, questions on general game issues, things breaking, ranking people not in my clans (that's what council is for) and so on.

I know I am fairly reliable, but that is no excuse to just go "oh, I'll just mail Elysia, that'll do the trick". Please consider whether I am -really- the right person to mail, or whether it can be dealt with by others as well.

If it pertains to my clans, hit me up. If it pertains to things I'm absolutely s ure to be overseeing, such as LANs, mendbug or projects like gemmining, shoot that mail in my general direction.

If it pertains to a random other clan, approach that clan imm first. If the clan happens to be immless, mail Staff. General issues, mail Immortals or Staff. Darkfriend stuff, mail darkfriend/ Darkside imms (pun intended). We divide the load so we can... divide the load. That doesn't work if a chunk of the playerbase defaults to mailing one particular imm. ;)

Thank you! :)

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