Illian Companions are recruiting

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Illian Companions are recruiting

Post by Sarryn » Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:46 am

Simple and to the point, the Illian Companions are recruiting. We seek strong men and women of all sorts to fill the rosters. The requirements do be pretty simple and easy. If you do be looking for a great home and honest work, look no further. Come drink beer till ya can’t piss straight and slay the enemies of the crown.

Be of the might of 20 men at the time of applying, must be 30 by time you clan
No Channelers, all others welcome
No warrants acceptable besides the shadow the seanchan and those Defender girls
Be of level mind, it’s not hard to act civilized you represent the crown, do so poorly and you will be removed
An rp letter stating why you wish to join us

Contact myself or any Council of nine or Illian companion to get stared. We do not discriminate on skill, newer players welcome.

Lord Sarryn Del’Sol, Council of Nine member {Illian Companions}