a proclamation of Tear against the Dragon invaders

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a proclamation of Tear against the Dragon invaders

Post by Melat » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:57 pm

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Let it be known. The Asha'man are becoming bolder, but they can be killed now! The day is coming closer of the impending invasion! I call upon all those of the Light to hunt down these magic men. Strike them before they collect in force and invade our cities!

100 gc bounty for every Asha'man you kill and scalp and turned into a defender of Stone Council. Additional reward for any information leading to the capture or arrest of this Lord Torres, the false dragon.

And Dragonsworn, you're still banished from Tear!
Mayene and Illian - We accept your aid in defending the Stone against madmen. The day is coming soon!

-Lord Melat al'Farath
Defender of the Stone Council

the death scalp of an asha'man slain in the mountains of mist lies here