Another Gathering of the Light

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Another Gathering of the Light

Post by dheln » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:42 pm

*Yet another parchment marked with a golden and crimson Dragon is posted throughout the land*

To all Nations and organizations of the Light,

You may have noticed in recent days some posters affixed to the gates of your cities. On these posters a man by the name of Saniago Torres has proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn. I know what you’re thinking; yes, you're excited about the prospect of a Dragon Reborn, but you still do not know enough about this man to say for certain whether he is in fact the True Dragon Reborn, or just another false Dragon spun out by the Pattern before the True Dragon is Reborn. In fact, he is not.

Regardless of outcome, Saniago’s proclamation forces the nations of the Light to act, giving us world what appears to be two choices:
1) He turns himself in as a False Dragon and is put down.
2) He does not turn himself in as a False Dragon and is put down.

As such, we call upon the nations of the world to join me in good faith for a conference in Far Madding where I can share the information I have gathered, and to jointly work out how we as a world will unite to react to my proclamation as Dragon Reborn. All interested parties, please contact me as soon as possible in the next three days, either in person when you see me awake, or via courier addressed to the myself. Saniago has declared that he will act in what is now less than three days, so time is of the essence.

The Light favor you all,
Dheln, The Dragon Reborn