To the Nations United against Saniago Torres.

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To the Nations United against Saniago Torres.

Post by Lara » Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:36 pm

Stormclouds are no longer on the horizon, the gathering storm is here. The False Dragon, Saniago Torres has dispatched Male Channelers to our lands, we do not know the purpose of these black coated men, only that many, perhaps all, are able to wield Saidin. These men use the One Power to travel the land and as such, no nation or city is safe from Saniago's forces should he decide to attack.

The Red Ajah has always held itself ready to deal with any man with the ability to channel, in order to protect the people of all nations, we are offering to send a contingent of Red Sisters to any nation who requests them. All that needs be done is to send a note to the Red Ajah and we will send Sisters as soon as possible.

Lara do Avharin a'Macansana, Sitter for the Red Ajah