White Tower Breaks the Banishment in Ghaeldan

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White Tower Breaks the Banishment in Ghaeldan

Post by Dartes » Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:25 pm

It is with great regret that I must inform the nations of the world that Via Sedai and Lara Sedai have broken the White Tower's banishment from Ghaeldan. After an unwarranted attack on innocent members of the Dragonsworn within the Andoran city of Baerlon, and with the full faith and support of Queen Alliandre, the Dragonsworn banished all White Tower members from the lands of Ghaeldan in order to protect additional innocent civilians from an apparently lawless White Tower.

More saddening, is that this increased disregard to the laws and sovereignty of other nations comes close on the heels of the largest gathering of the Light in nearly an Age. The White Tower did not deign to even send an official contingent to this gathering where unity of the Light was discussed to repel the Mirror-Dragon Saniago Torres.

Any white tower presence within the borders of Ghaeldan will be perceived as a threat to the citizens of Ghealdan and we will take any means necessary to defend them.

If the Tower would like to discuss this peacefully, please send a letter to our people and we can set up a date and time of convenience.