Musings of a Dragonsworn

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Musings of a Dragonsworn

Post by Dartes » Fri Oct 25, 2019 2:18 pm

Dartes leaned back in a red oak chair, taking in the details of the simple, carved paneling in his personal study. The study door was closed and locked, though that was mostly out of habit. Nobody would, or could, disturb him here.

A content smile crossed his face as he swirled the Ghealdanin whiskey and took a long sip from the glass. Ghealdan. The nation had been his home for many years now - his home, as well as the home of his companions and their families. And yet now, after years of peaceful relations with other nations, this peace was being threatened.

Thinking back to the events of two months ago Dartes could not understand why an Aes Sedai of the White Tower had decided that the protection offered by the Dragonsworn inside Baerlon deserved to be disbanded... permanently. Shaking his head sadly, he dismissed the images of familiar faces he knew all too well. Dartes recalled his immediate reaction to the news and still felt it appropriate that he banished the White Tower from coming to Ghealdan until matters were settled. All he wanted was for there to have been an admittance of even a modicum of guilt, remorse, or apology from the White Tower. Then, the banishment could have been lifted, proper respect paid to the Dragonsworn patrolmen in Baerlon, and the fight against the Shadow could have continued. Instead, attempts at reconciliation and communication had been met with only silence and derision. Taking another gulp of whiskey Dartes sighed heavily at the turn of events.

Looking down at his now empty glass, Dartes frowned, and set it carefully on the desk. The chair creaked slightly as he stood and began to slowly pace the room. His eyes fell on the red banner behind his desk and he watched as the light played across the golden dragon, making it shimmer and dance as if alive as the silk moved in the disturbed air. Nodding with pride, he began pacing again, returning to his thoughts.

The banishment had only been in effect for a short time. Was it a week? He was not sure. And yet, two Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah had come to Ghealdan, disrespecting the banishment and causing fear and confusion among the populace. Dartes smiled at the thought of Queen Alliandre, may the Dragon bless her. Her wisdom far exceeded that of the common man. Placing the safety and well-being of her Kingdom and the people within it above all, she had delicately allowed the banishment to stand. Why had the Red Ajah come, breaking the banishment? He could not say. He assumed that a diplomatic solution would normally be the work of the Grey Ajah, however he had heard nothing from them. With Ghealdan so far out of the way there was no reason for the red-cloaked women to be there.

When they had refused to leave after repeated reminders about the banishment, some of the newer Dragonsworn foolishly took it upon themselves to attempt to scare away the Aes Sedai. Thankfully, no one on either side was seriously harmed. This time the Aes Sedai showed restraint, for which Dartes was thankful.

With a distant look in his eyes Dartes' attention came back to the here and now. Nearly a month has passed since the Red Ajah disturbed the peace in Ghealdan. And now there were rumors going around that a warrant had been issued in Tar Valon for the heads of Lord Enoch and himself. Why? Why are they so keen to cause strife and chaos among men? Where is their sense of diplomacy? Where was the Grey Ajah? Who was running the White Tower...? Confusion marred the Dragon Captain’s face.

Pausing in front of his desk again, Dartes glanced down and carefully picked up a cuendillar disc that lay on the polished surface. Thankfully it still held as strong and unyielding as it had since he led the mission to recover it many years ago. He fervently hoped it would continue to do so. He slowly ran his thumb along the smooth surface, tracing the sinuous line that divided the two halves of the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai. A divide. That is what the Aes Sedai of this Age were causing. Right at the very moment when the world hung in the balance against the threat of not only Shadowspawn, but also invaders from across the ocean and some madman from a mirror world calling himself Dragon Reborn. The White Tower had chosen to lose all sense and turn against a peaceful organization of the Light! He had been reasonable and patient. Time and again he had afforded them every opportunity to negotiate and provide a path to reconcile.

Frowning again at the empty glass that rested on his desk, he placed the disc back into the secret compartment concealed in the surface of the desk. Peace was still an option, if only the White Tower could look past their pride. He hoped for peace, to put all this foolishness behind them, but he knew deep down that the narrow-minded Aes Sedai had none of those goals in mind. Their pride was unbending, blinded by their inability to show even the slightest fault. He assumed they must think it showed strength, but to him it only showed weakness. He pitied the White Tower. Perhaps one day they would see reason, remove the warrants and pay their respects to the dead in Baerlon.

Dartes glided back into his chair and refilled his glass from a decanter under his desk. It was still nearly full from when he had received it as a gift many years ago. He took a sip slowly, savoring the taste as he thought about what the future might hold, "When the Dragon is reborn, may he save them from themselves."