A pidgeon flies over the Shining Walls and lands in its coop

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A pidgeon flies over the Shining Walls and lands in its coop

Post by Adael » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:51 am

To the White Tower,

Myself, and many other forces of the Light, pushed back an assault force from the Dark that poured forth from a Waygate near Tar Valon today. One of the 5 or more dreadlords that were present loaded a curious item - a perfect crystalline rod, I believe. As we were splitting the spoils of war in Tar Valon at the end of the battle, Lady Erulisse Sedai informed us that the rod was an angreal, and claimed it for the Tower for safekeeping.

I am not as informed about such things as the Aes Sedai, particularly those of the Brown Ajah, but it concerns me that the forces of the Dark might have items about which the Light knows little, or which they could use against us in battle to their advantage. The more we know about the enemy and their tools, the better we can prepare ourselves to stand against them.

I have heard rumor from others that this particular item the dreadlord had can be used to blind or teleport another person, though its exact purpose or usage appears unconfirmed. Since this rod was rightly won from the Dark by the effort of many nations, yet given over to the Tower for safekeeping, I would consider it a personal favor if it could be taken out of Tower storage for some sort of study to be undertaken, in order that it may benefit us all. Knowledge as to whether this rod can truly blind or teleport another person, whether it might have other wanted (or unwanted) effects, how many times such an item can be used, and whether there are also any adverse effects on the user as well, could prove beneficial for all of those who fight against the Dark, should we encounter such curiosities in the future. A determination of the safety an object of this nature (might it be handled by common folk as lightsticks can?) would prove useful as well, so that in the future our soldiers might know whether we may utilize these rods against the Dark as the dreadlords may try against us.

If the Tower thinks it worthwhile to undertake a study of this object, I would appreciate any reports to add to Andor's library. If you need any subjects for such testing, I'm sure I could find a few guardsmen idling away at their posts who could better serve the Tower for a time. Should such information already be in your libraries instead, I would appreciate any of it that you could pass along.

May the Light illuminate the Shining Walls,
-Lord Adael Le'Ada of the Queen's Guard