A note tacked up on a board entitled POTIONS

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A note tacked up on a board entitled POTIONS

Post by Tiani » Fri Nov 29, 2019 11:38 am

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As the Procurer of Refreshment, it is my mission to provide potions of many types to all who need them. However, I do realise it can be burdensome to procure the items necessary for exchange. There are affable brokers in both Fal Dara and Lugard who are happy to make the exchange for you.

Affable brokers will provide potions as follows with their market prices at the brokers:

5 refresh vials: shimmering chain of gold (150gc) or obsidian pendant (250gc)
4 each of strength teas, cure blind draughts, cure poison syrups and cure fear vials: red robe (250gc) or earthen mantle (150gc)

I am focusing on providing as many obsidian pendants and earthen mantles as possible with the respective brokers through the Lugard Market to exchange for vials and whatever other potions any individual may require.

Individuals who require gold rings or cuendillar belts, please contact me privately.


Procurer of Refreshment