Proposal of Unity: Illian

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Proposal of Unity: Illian

Post by Dartes » Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:21 am

A fine piece of parchment inked with a golden dragon is tacked to the gate:

To King Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar and the Council of Nine,

We ask that you pledge the nation of Illian’s resources to the cause of the Dragonsworn. We do not want to take over Illian's governance nor take away from the hard-working people of Illian. We wish only to unite and be prepared for the Dragons rebirth!

We propose a "Contract of Unity" between the Dragonsworn and Illian. We are more than willing to negotiate the details and terms of your contract in detail should you choose to sign peacefully. Otherwise you will leave us with no other option, and we will be required to use force to ensure you sign the contract and support our mission.

We will give you one week's time to make your decision.


The Dragonsworn

UPDATE 2/10/2020: The Dragonsworn and Illian representatives are currently undergoing peaceful negotiations.
UPDATE 2/11/2020: The Dragonsworn and Illian negotiators have agreed and signed a Contract of Unity avoiding war and promoting peace!

The Dragonsworn are using the LS War System as a clan activity representing the zealous army that they should be. In an effort to draw support and unity from other nations be it by diplomacy or through 2-week war periods.

Clean and respectful behavior will be strictly enforced on our side, and while wars can create hot heads our mission is to keep it light-hearted and play the game. We are looking for fun and engaging participation from Dragonsworn members as well as the opposing side to encourage RP development as well as sameside PK.