A correction regarding Dragonsworn

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A correction regarding Dragonsworn

Post by Delion » Fri Feb 21, 2020 10:31 pm

As it has been correctly explained to us, it is entirely possible to avoid Tear's borders by slithering through the Haddon Mirk and Drowned Lands; we expect to see some very well fed waterlizards in the coming weeks. This has brought to our attention several other curiosities.

Initially causing confusion was the ability to reach Tear's eastern border stone from the Tear side, without ever entering Tear's borders. Secondly, as one can enter the borders of Tear and travel the world without leaving, we can postulate that all hitherto unclaimed land is actually part of Tear (much to the glee of the High Lords). Finally, it's been discovered that it's possible to reach the city of Tear without every entering Tear's borders, thus we have been forced to conclude the city of Tear is not actually in the nation of Tear, and exists in non-euclidean space.

Correcting these anomalies may take some time, our last head of cartography (fondly referred to as "wolfie") was driven completely insane attempting to map the Haddon Mirk, and the post remains unfilled.

Due to these clerical, topographical and borderline temporal errors, we can no longer claim with confidence that accessing the nation of Tear, let alone Mayene, requires the Dragonsworn to break the banishment placed against them, so the blanket warrant has been suspended. Please contact your nearest representative to have any warrant's resulting from this policy removed.

The banishment in the city remains in place, wherever exactly the city of Tear might be.


Lord Melat al'Farath
Lord Delion al'Traesegar
Rajis Rajinald