A Declaration of War vs Mayene

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A Declaration of War vs Mayene

Post by Dartes » Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:08 pm

With the negotiations with Mayene having fallen through, this leads to the regrettable decision to move forward with war. If Mayene would like to end the war peacefully, we are willing to discuss terms at any point. Included below are our demands.

Pool 1:
- A hostage to be held in Jehannah for the time period defined by the rules of war
- An embassy to serve with and advise the First
- A Dragonsworn Patrol within the borders of Mayene

Pool 2:
- 20,000 gold donated to the Dragonsworn coffers
- An alliance with the Dragonsworn (including shared barracks, free passage for all Dragonsworn in Mayene, mutual defense, and the recognized independence of Mayene)
- Advisor role for one of the victors, chosen by the Dragonsworn.

UPDATE: Demands updated in pool 2 on 3.7.20 to better fit within published war rules.